What Is The Difference Between A Roomette And A Bedroom On Amtrak?

If you are planning to travel overnight with Amtrak, you are likely wondering what accommodations will be provided during your journey. Amtrak offers roomette and bedroom sleeping accommodations for long trips. So, what is the difference between a roomette and a bedroom on Amtrak?

The main difference is that a roomette has chairs that fold out as beds and a bedroom comes with fold-out sofas and more amenities. Both options are comfortable, but a bedroom has more to offer and might be seen as more luxurious.

Continue reading to learn more about the difference between a roomette and a bedroom on Amtrak. From comfort to amenities to affordability, you will learn everything you need to compare the two options. When traveling with Amtrak, you want to make sure your journey is as enjoyable as your destination.

What Is The Difference Between A Roomette And A Bedroom On Amtrak?

When choosing between a roomette and a bedroom for your Amtrak journey, there is a lot to consider. Amtrak roomettes are certainly a comfortable way to travel, but Amtrak bedrooms offer more space and additional amenities.

There are many other factors that could affect your decision. Rest assured that either choice should suit your needs sufficiently. However, when it comes down to the differences between the two, an Amtrak bedroom is more spacious and accommodating; that is if you prefer an upgraded choice.

The price of a bedroom is higher than a roomette. Still, you will get your money’s worth. If cost is largely the deciding factor in your decision, however, you may opt for a roomette.

As you will see below, roomettes and bedrooms are similar in terms of Amtrak’s goal to make you as comfortable as possible. The main difference between a roomette and a bedroom is that roomettes are smaller and have chairs that fold out as beds, and bedrooms come with fold-out sofas along with several additions to make your journey with Amtrak that much more enjoyable.

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Roomette Vs. Bedroom

Below is a description of the differences between a roomette and a bedroom along with their amenities when you ride with Amtrak:

  • Reclining seats that convert into a bed
  • Dining car meals included in purchase
  • Personal room attendant
  • Climate control
  • Landscape window
  • Fresh towels and linens
  • Bottles of water
  • Garment rack
  • Reading lights
  • Sofa that extends into a bed
  • All roomette amenities
  • Armchair
  • Toilet and shower
  • Sink and vanity
  • Larger landscape window

As you can see, an Amtrak bedroom has much more to offer than a roomette. However, that is not to suggest that a roomette is not highly sufficient. There may be different scenarios in which you do not deem it necessary to book a bedroom and instead opt for the roomette. Roomettes offer the comfort you seek during your train ride. Bedrooms are simply upgrades that provide select additional amenities.

Although Amtrak bedrooms may be considered more luxurious than Amtrak roomettes, there are only specific additions that you are missing out on if you choose a roomette. For shorter journeys, these additions may not be worth consideration to you, but bedrooms can be suitable for longer Amtrak rides.

For more temporary journeys, you can gather that roomettes provide almost everything you will need. You can use your reclining seat to relax or get some work done during the day while the simple fold-out bed provides the comfort of a good night’s sleep. Your personal room attendant can cater to certain needs while you have the freedom to adjust the temperature, observe the beautiful sights from your window, and stay refreshed with fresh towels and water bottles.

On the other hand, bedrooms offer these same amenities and more. Read below to learn more about bedrooms as well more considerations that may sway your choice between an Amtrak roomette and an Amtrak bedroom.

Are Bedrooms More Expensive Than Roomettes?

Amtrak bedrooms are more expensive than roomettes, but you get what you pay for. If you choose a bedroom over a roomette, you will likely pay at least $200 more for the bedroom. If you are willing to pay the extra cost, bedrooms are great for enhanced comfort and larger parties. 

Not all roomettes and bedrooms are the same. Price ranges may vary for Amtrak bedrooms and roomettes depending on a few different aspects:

  • Possible additions
  • Amtrak train
  • Bedroom type

On occasion, even a roomette may have additional features. Some Amtrak trains provide personal toilets in their roomettes, which you will not find on every Amtrak ride. The specific Amtrak train also determines different car situations. For instance, Amtrak’s Superliner trains, or trains with two levels, may have or lack certain features.

While roomettes can vary slightly, there are more noticeable options when it comes to Amtrak bedrooms. As you will learn shortly, different bedroom options include a variety of amenities and accommodations.

Types Of Amtrak Bedrooms

There are four types of Amtrak bedrooms:

  • Bedroom
  • Bedroom suite
  • Family bedroom
  • Accessible bedroom

As each bedroom maintains similar qualities, there are a few differences that set them apart. Below are explanations of the differences in Amtrak bedrooms.

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A standard Amtrak bedroom is at least 7’1’’ x 6’6’’ and can fit two adults along with their suitcases comfortably. It comes with an in-room restroom and shower, a major upgrade from the restrooms and showers only available in the car of roomette accommodations.

With two times the space of a roomette, a standard bedroom provides a much more open area. The sofa folds out to form a larger bed, while an upper berth can be lowered as another bed. If you have two adults and one child or one adult and two children, either one adult and one child or two children can fit in the sofa bed comfortably. The bedroom also has an extra armchair in it.

Bedroom Suite

An Amtrak bedroom suite is essentially two standard bedrooms connected without a wall separating them. With the same amenities such as an in-room restroom, shower, and sink, up to four adults or two adults and four children can fit in a bedroom suite without a problem. 

The connected rooms consist of two fold-out sofas and two upper berths for sleeping. As it can house more people, the bedroom suite also has room for up to four suitcases. If you are traveling with a group of friends, the bedroom suite is a great choice for spending time together and keeping your belongings close by.

Family Bedroom

Although a bedroom suite could fit a family, the Amtrak family bedroom provides plenty of space for a family with kids that may need to move around during a train journey without having to leave the room. Measuring 9’5’’ x 5’2’’, the family bedroom is much larger than a standard bedroom.

The family bedroom can store up to three suitcases and has a private restroom and shower access in the car. Two upper berths and two lower berths allow a family of four to fit comfortably in their own beds. 

Accessible Bedroom

Amtrak accessible bedrooms provide sleeping accommodations to those with physical disabilities. Measurements range from 7’1’’ x 6’8’’ to 9’5’’ x 6’9’’. Accessible bedrooms can fit up to two adults and two suitcases. The room comes with either a sofa for two or two armchairs, both of which fold out as a bed. There is an upper berth for a second bed.

Accessible rooms contain an in-room sink and restroom with private access to a shower in the car. The rooms are located on the entry level of an Amtrak train and have plenty of space to store a wheelchair.


As you know, Amtrak roomettes are the other category of sleeping rooms – not technically bedrooms. However, their accommodations are worth consideration as well. A roomette is 6’6’’-6’8’’ x 3’6’’. Obviously, it is a much smaller space than that of a bedroom. However, it is sufficient. 

The roomette can fit up to two adults and two suitcases, with one upper berth and one lower berth for sleeping. The two armchairs fold into a bed, whereas the upper berth lowers from the ceiling. You have access to a private shower and restroom in your car. Rarely, you may have a toilet in your own room.

All rooms listed above contain:

  • Personal sleeping car attendant
  • Complimentary meals and lounge access
  • Priority boarding

As you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from when selecting your sleeping accommodations while riding with Amtrak.

Are Amtrak Bedrooms Worth It?

If you choose to pay the extra price for one of the select Amtrak bedrooms, you may be wondering whether your investment is worth it. Bedrooms are certainly more spacious than roomettes, but you might think roomettes provide just as much comfort.

When it comes down to it, the largest difference between roomettes and bedrooms is that bedrooms have larger beds if you sleep on the bottom berth and are not in a family bedroom or accessible bedroom with two armchairs that fold into a standard bed. Bedrooms are more spacious and have more room for storing suitcases.

In terms of sleeping comfort, the differences are nearly negligible. For extra amenities including in-room bathrooms and showers, bedrooms are well worth the extra money you pay. If you are going to be traveling with Amtrak for an extended period of time, you may consider sacrificing a bit of extra cash for more privacy and convenience with a bedroom.

Of course, bedrooms are essential for larger parties as well. When choosing your sleeping accommodations in relation to the specific Amtrak train you will be riding on, compare the prices of a bedroom versus multiple roomettes to see which choice best suits your preferences.

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Miscellaneous Amenities For Roomettes And Bedrooms

It truly is impressive how well Amtrak is able to supply its roomettes and bedrooms with amenities and everyday, convenient additions. Both roomettes and bedrooms on Amtrak trains have other miscellaneous amenities to suit your needs.

You will have a temperature dial in your room with the freedom to change the temperature as you wish. Additionally, there are fans to keep the room cool, particularly if you are sitting in one of the armchairs and getting work done on your ride during the day. There is a fold-out table to set food, drink, a laptop, etc. 

There are also several light switches to control the lighting in your room during the night. As mentioned earlier, some roomettes have a toilet. You can check with your Amtrak train to see if its roomettes come with in-room toilets. When closed, the toilet doubles as a step to help you get into the top berth. In addition, there will be a step in front of a fold-out sink. An attachable net is also available to keep you from rolling off of the upper berth bed at night.

All rooms have a sliding door that can only be locked from the inside and velcro curtains for as much privacy as you wish. Electrical outlets should be available in every room, making it easy to stay connected with your devices during your trip.

Should You Choose A Roomette Or A Bedroom?

Now that you know the difference between a roomette and a bedroom on Amtrak, you should be able to decide for yourself which option meets your needs during your travels. While it does come down to your final decision, there may be a few things that could sway your opinion.

Roomettes should be perfectly fine for someone traveling alone or two people who have no problem sharing close-quarters for a short time. Bedrooms are more suitable for families, larger groups, or two people who simply prefer more space and are willing to front the extra money.

Depending on your preferences, it may not be fair to say that a bedroom is better than a roomette. Roomettes provide the comfort that you seek during your journey. Bedrooms simply offer more space and more amenities. If you do not mind that restricted space, you may opt for a roomette. Bedrooms are best for bigger groups, especially if people have multiple suitcases.


There are key differences between a roomette and a bedroom on Amtrak, but the main distinction is that bedrooms are larger and could be seen as more luxurious. Roomettes are ideal for one to two people on a short trip, while bedrooms proved maximum comfort during a longer journey.


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