What Is the Cost of a Roomette on Amtrak?

Many people prefer to ride in a roomette when traveling with Amtrak compared to riding in a seat. If you are traveling for a longer ride being able to stretch out in a bed instead of a reclined train seat is much more comfortable. With all the extra space you may wonder just how much it will cost for an Amtrak roomette.

Amtrak roomettes will vary depending on the length of your trip and where you are traveling to. The average cost of an Amtrak roomette is around $450 up to $1,000 for one round trip ticket. The longer the trip the higher the cost can be to travel reaching up to around right under $3,000.

The price may be much higher than a seat but the extra space and privacy on a long trip are worth it. Taking into consideration how much a hotel room can cost with the incredible ever-changing view makes the cost worth it. Read on to find out what to expect when traveling in an Amtrak roomette.

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Prices of Booking a Roomette on an Amtrak

Pricing for using a roomette on an Amtrak can differ depending on where you may be traveling to. The longer the trip you are taking will mean the higher the cost of the ticket. You should also keep in mind that traveling during high season times (holidays) can increase the price.

Train tickets are much like plane tickets, they change often. If you are traveling on a trip that is under 48 hours you can expect to pay well under $1,500 as you reach over 60 hours of a train ride you can see prices of over $3,000 in some cases. Checking on pricing often and playing around with travel dates is ideal before taking the plunge and buying a ticket.

Do not let the higher cost scare you away from the trip. A plane ride only gets you from A to B while a roomette will give you a room, senary, and food all for the cost of the ticket. Many people travel by train simply for the ride not to get to their vacation, the train is the vacation.

What Is an Amtrak Roomette?

An Amtrak roomette is a smaller private room that two people can easily fit in comfortably for an overnight or longer trip. They are not large rooms such as a hotel but there is space to relax and sleep in the privacy of your room. Amtrak roomettes will include:

  • Large window
  • Storage space for your luggage
  • Two beds
  • Two seats
  • Your light

In some cases, the seats are more of a bunk bed style. On some trains, one bed will pull down from the ceiling while the second bed is made by pushing together two seats. You will have blankets, pillows, and seats supplied and the beds are big enough for the average person to stretch out.

An Amtrak roomette will not include its bathroom. Roomettes travelers use a shared bathroom with other people traveling in roomettes. Passengers who are in coach seats will not have access to these bathrooms. Thankfully you will only need to share the bathroom with a few people.

Are Meals Included When Riding in a Roomette With Amtrak?

When riding in a roomette you will get three meals a day and some snacks included with your ticket cost. The meals can either be eaten in the meal car or brought to your room to enjoy in private. The dining cars have large windows and booths to sit at while you eat.

Dinner meals on an Amtrak are surprisingly big and come with:

  • A drink. Including alcoholic beverage
  • Appetizer
  • Dessert
  • Entrée

You will also get breakfast and lunch; the food is of decent quality, and most people are pleasantly surprised at how well it tastes. You are also able to get snacks and drinks anytime before 10:00 pm, snacks are also included in the cost of your ticket.

The price of food included with a roomette is sometimes why people decide to take the plunge and buy a roomette ticket. Not worrying about extra costs on the train will help you to enjoy the ride and relax.

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Are Amtrak Roomettes Worth It?

An Amtrak roomette is worth the cost. While a coach seat is very comfortable, that’s all it is, a seat. You will not have much privacy on a packed train. If traveling alone, you may also worry about your belongings when you leave your seat or relax in a room full of strangers.

The comfort of knowing you can stretch out your legs and sleep in a bed while enjoying included meals is more than enough for people to choose a roomette. There are many benefits to using a roomette such as:

  • Access to Amtracks Lounges
  • Car attendant
  • Free drinks
  • Free meals
  • Free snacks
  • Turn down service
  • Your own private space

All of these perks make the extra cost of the ticket not seem so high. While many are sitting in a comfortable coach seat you will be laying back in bed snacking where no one other than your travel companion can see you.

Are There Showers in an Amtrak Roomette?

While there are no showers in a roomette there are showers available for those that have purchased a ticket for a roomette. There are shower stalls available for use when a passenger may need to use one. The shower rooms will have:

  • Bath towels
  • Hand towels
  • Soap
  • Wash clothes

These items are one less thing you will need to worry about packing and no one wants to store damp towels in their room. The shower room will lock and have hot water which is very refreshing on a long trip. It is important to keep in mind that the wet soapy shower can become slippery as the train rocks and bounces on the tracks.

Make sure you keep your balanced and the soap off of the bottom of your feet. This will greatly reduce the risk of a fall or other injury. Shaving may also not be the greatest idea if you are unsure how you will react on a train ride.

Can a Small Family Fit in an Amtrak Roomette?

A small family will not be able to fit in an Amtrak roomette unless the small family consists of only two people. There are other options when riding with Amtrak such as bedrooms and Family Bedrooms. These options will allow you to fit your small family in one room.

They are quite a bit more expensive than using a roomette but if you have a family of over two it may be your only option. If only two people are going to be in the room, it is better to save the money and get the less expensive room.

If you are traveling with a family, you will need to upgrade, or you can simply buy two roomettes which are sometimes still less expensive than getting a family car. A roomette can only fit two people comfortably. It will not be as large as a hotel but you will also not be as cramped as if you were in an airplane seat.

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Can You Walk Around on an Amtrak Train?

Passengers are allowed to walk around on an Amtrak train no matter what type of ticket they have purchased. While you may not have access to every single part of the train with a coach ticket, roomette tickets allow you to access more.

Trains are far different than planes, you will not see a fasten seatbelt sign for half of your trip. You won’t need to go hungry or have a full bladder. You will be able to walk around as much as you would like on an Amtrak train. Keep in mind some railways are bumping. Some people also feel wobbly when first walking on a moving train.

When riding a coach seat, you will not only have any privacy but your belongings will not be locked away. If at any time you get up from your seat technically anyone can come along and grab your items. There are many chances to get up such as:

  • Getting fresh air at a stop
  • Grabbing food
  • Hanging out in the observation car
  • Using the bathroom
  • Walking around to stretch your legs

All of these times are chances that someone may mess with your luggage or other personal items. If you are in a roomette the chances are much lower. You may even feel safer as you will have a door between you and the rest of the train. You will be able to walk around and even get off of the train at stops knowing your items are secure.

Can You Bring Food Into an Amtrak Roomette?

Passengers are allowed to bring any type of food onto an Amtrak train. You are also allowed to bring small coolers to your roomette. Whether you want extra drinks you bought food from your favorite local restaurant, you are allowed to bring food on the train.

Coolers can not be large and are to be included as a carry-on when traveling on a train. It is best to double-check specifications for each train before boarding with your cooler and food. Many even allow alcoholic beverages to be brought on which can save you a lot of money.

While there are three meals a day and snacks included with your ticket price sometimes people want a little more. The meals are a nice size but there is nothing better than eating your favorite foods when traveling in your roomette. The view is typically so incredible you may not want to leave your room.

What Should You Bring When Riding in an Amtrak Roomette?

There are many things you can bring on an Amtrack train ride and only a few that you actually will need. When you purchase a roomette ticket you will have quite a few amenities offered that will make you pack a little easier. You should bring:

  • Bathroom essentials
  • Chargers
  • Clothes
  • Medications
  • Phone
  • Slippers
  • Small cooler if needed
  • Snacks if you are likely to be hungry after 10:00 pm when the food car closes
  • Tablet
  • Warm clothes if you are cold at night

The train should offer everything else that you may need from pillows to towels. You will only need things to keep you comfortable overnight and the train will supply everything else for you. If there is something you are needing that you forgot to pack ask your room attending and they will most likely be able to find it for a few.

Is Sleeping in a Roomette Safe With Amtrak?

Roomettes are quite safe when traveling on a train, there are room attendants for every room. Not only does this mean theft is less likely to happen but it also greatly reduces violent crimes. Every person on the train has sent a good amount of money to be there. While bad things can happen anywhere Amtrak’s are considering a very safe form of transportation.

A coach seat may make you feel too vulnerable to fall asleep as all of your belongings will be there for anyone to grab. Sleeping in a roomette or sleeper car allows for your belongings behind closed doors. You can relax in your pajamas without anyone bothering you.

As far as crashing goes trains, for the most part, involve cars blocking tracks or trying to outrun a train. Unlike cars and planes that can wreck at any time trains on a track are very safe. Thousands of workers behind the seasons take time to make sure tracks are safe and clear and safe across the country.

Riding in a Roomette on an Amtrak

Amtrak roomette may cost more than a seat on the train but the amenities more than makeup for the cost difference. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful views in the privacy of your room while eating your meals without any extra cost. These two things alone make purchasing a roomette ticket will be a great decision for those long cross-country trips or short trips to get work done alone.


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