What are the Chuggington Train Names?

Chuggington is an animated British television series aimed at toddlers and is full of wildly colorful characters. Most of which are some form of anthropomorphic train. It had a six-year hiatus but came back in June 2020. It primarily follows three trainee locomotives Wilson, Koko, and Brewster as they navigate their world.

The show focuses hard on values of friendship, honesty, listening, and other skills that children will need to learn as they grow. There are a lot of trains from across all six of the series, even if the show isn’t comprised entirely out of trains. Keep reading for more about all of them.

Young Trainees

The young trainees Wilson, Brewster, and Koko are the main characters of Chuggington.


Wilson is the primary protagonist of Chuggington. He’s currently an advanced apprentice Trainee working at Chug Patrol.

Some technical details about Wilson:

  • Color(s): Red
  • Type: Diesel-electric
  • UK Voice(s): Morgan Overton (Series 1-3), Edward Sharpe (Series 4-5), Teddy West (Series 6)
  • US Voice(s): Jordan C. Reed

He’s lively, confident, friendly, and enthusiastic, but his ADHD gets him into trouble sometimes. Additionally, he has a good heart who tries hard even though he doesn’t understand his own special talents yet.


Brewster is built to pull heavy loads and is a member of the Chuggineers, which are a building team for Chuggington.

Some technical details about Brewster:

  • Color(s): Blue, Yellow
  • Type: Electric locomotive
  • UK Voice(s): Charlie George (Series 1-3), Toby Davies (Series 4-5), Harry Reeve (Series 6)
  • US Voice(s): Miles J Harvey (Series 1-5), Jacks Dean (series 6)

He’s not afraid to ask questions if unsure about a given task but is also prone to picking up too much of a load. He is regarded as being extremely dependable and respectful.


Koko is one of the fastest Chuggers in Chuggington. She is also the lead singer of the “Rock ‘n’ Rollers” band she formed with Wilson and Brewster.

Some technical details about Koko:

  • Color(s): Green, Purple, White
  • Type: Electric locomotive
  • UK Voice(s): Imogen Bailey (Series 1–5), Alyssa Burton (Series 6)
  • US Voice(s): Brigid Harrington (Series 1–5), Madigan Kacmar (Series 6)

She’s a very adventurous Chugger who always wants to explore and challenge her friends. She does always mean well, even if she can be rather mischievous and challenging to her friends.


The non-advanced Chuggers are classified as trainees just like the protagonist trio, but they are not quite at their ranking.


Hoot is the Siamese twin of Toot but managed to separate during the journey to Lookout Point. His catchphrase with his sister is “Hoot and Toot are ready to scoot!”

Some technical details about Hoot:

  • Color(s): Teal, Blue, White
  • Type: Diesel-electric
  • UK Voice(s): Tommy Romer Lee (Series 2–5), Beau Robertson (Series 6)
  • US Voice(s): Ben Hudson (Series 2–5), Ethan Cutillo (Series 6)

While both Hoot and Toot are kind and helpful, Hoot tends to be more gullible and a bit more dimwitted than his twin. This ends up with him being used by others. Thankfully, he stays forgiving and helpful despite this.


Toot is the Siamese twin of Hoot but managed to separate during the journey to Lookout Point. Her catchphrase with her brother is “Hoot and Toot are ready to scoot!”

Some technical details about Toot:

  • Color(s): Blue, Teal, White
  • Type: Diesel-electric
  • UK Voice(s): Mihira Philip (Series 2–5), Matilda Majilton (Series 6)
  • US Voice(s): Tori Feinstein (Series 2–5), Vivian Watson (Series 6)

She is more manipulative, greedy, and self-centered than her twin brother, often not thinking about the impact her actions have on those around her. She does argue quite a bit with her twin, but even when she manages to separate from him, still would rather be together.


Zephie is equipped with a scissor-lift trolley, making it so she can lift and rotate her cab in order to allow Eddie to work on things he usually would not be able to.

Some technical details about Zephie:

  • Color(s): Lime, Brown
  • Type: Direct drive system trolley car
  • UK Voice(s): Jadie Rose Hobson (Series 1-4), Lola Shepleve (Series 6)
  • US Voice(s): Isabella Palmieri (Series 1-4), Lily Sanfelippo (Series 6)

She cannot pull heavy things well, so she ended up not participating in most of her training sessions she had with Hodge. She is kind, supportive, and encouraging with a lot of giggles to give. However, she’s also a bit flighty and oblivious despite being older than the protagonist trio.


Piper is a unique locomotive, as it was revealed by Old Puffer Pete that she runs on vegetable oil rather than other fuel sources like the others.

Some technical details about Piper:

  • Color(s): Orange, Pink, Black
  • Type: Oil-fired steam cab forward
  • UK Voice(s): Eve Bentley (Series 3–5), Faith Delaney (Series 6)
  • US Voice(s): Eve Bentley (Series 3–5), Dakota Phillips (Series 6)

She’s young and mischievous, and her inexperience hinders her when she doesn’t take the time to think about her actions or what she is supposed to do be doing. However, she is capable of learning and does well when she does slow down to think.

Adult Trains

The adult trains take a lot of the biggest job and the mentorship-like roles.


Hodge was built from hodge-podge parts and is built like some sort of pickup truck/train hybrid.

Some technical details about Hodge:

  • Color(s): Brown
  • Type: Six-wheeled Dandy Diesel
  • UK Voice(s): Arthur Lee (Series 1-5), Lawrence Matthews (Series 6)
  • US Voice(s): James Lukens (Series 1-5), Gideon Modisett (Series 6)

He is usually seen working with Eddie, tasked with taking rubbish to the recycling yard. He’s experienced enough to not be surprised by most anything, but also plays that attitude up a bit more than he probably should.

Old Puffer Pete (Peter)

Old Puffer Pete is the nickname of the oldest chugger in Chuggington, Peter.

Some technical details about Old Puffer Pete:

  • Color(s): Black, Red, Gold
  • Type: Steam
  • UK Voice(s): Paul Panting
  • US Voice(s): Brian Greene (Series 1-5), Mick Wingert (Series 6)

Despite his age, Old Puffer Pete is the annual Chugger Championship Race winner who loves to tell endless stories. He does annoy some of the younger chuggers by forgetting their names, but he is generally well loved for his wisdom and general kindness.


Olwin is an elderly chugger who refers to the trainees as her little chugg-a-chuggs.

Some technical details about Olwin:

  • Color(s): Green, Orange
  • Type: Steam
  • UK Voice(s): Jill Shilling
  • US Voice(s): Margret Robertson (Series 1-4), Bernice Stegers (Series 5)

She’s a very motherly chugger who is exceptionally wise and kind. She can be scatterbrained at times, to the point she is sometimes not taken very seriously. She is a bit of a germaphobe in the sense that she absolutely must be spotless at all times.


Harrison is one of the fastest chuggers in Chuggington. Therefore, he has a rather good rapport with Hanzo and Koko.

Some technical details about Harrison:

  • Color(s): Blue
  • Type: Diesel
  • UK Voice(s): Collin McFarlane
  • US Voice(s): Collin McFarlane

He is a very proud locomotive that loves to show off. He’s admired by Wilson despite the fact that his massive ego results in him acting extremely selfishly most times. However, despite this, he will stop to help in dire situations so there is some goodness hidden deep within his exterior.


Irving is the primary force handling rubbish and recycling chores at the Recycling Yard.

Some technical details about Irving:

  • Color(s): Dark Red
  • Type: Diesel
  • UK Voice(s): Paul Panting
  • US Voice(s): John Pohlhammer

He’s got a bit of a perfectionist, clean-freak sort of personality who takes massive pride in his efforts to keep Chugginton clean. He tends to speak in third person and doesn’t tolerate others interrupting him. To top it off, he tends to prefer being alone, but he does want to help out others when he can.


Dunbar is the primary trainer for Hoot, Toot, and Piper. However, he is replaced by Skylar when he leaves Chugginton.

Some technical details about Dunbar:

  • Color(s): Green
  • Type: Shunting
  • UK Voice(s): John Stocker
  • US Voice(s): John Stocker

He is a hard-working, helpful, and encouraging individual who takes great pride in his role as trainer for younger locomotives. He cares so much that when his trainees go out for their first jobs, he gets noticeably anxious.


Calley is usually a rescue chugger, but she sometimes also helps out shunting rolling stock. She was initially Dunbar’s assistant but became a member of Chug Patrol after joining with Jackman.

Some technical details about Calley:

  • Color(s): Orange, Green
  • Type: Shunting
  • UK Voice(s): Nicole Davies
  • US Voice(s): Phillipa Alexander

She loves rescuing so much that she became a first responder and got repainted in the group’s colors. She even originally served as the sole rescue chugger for some time, so it’s nice she officially was able to become part of the newly formed rescue squad.


Emery is often seen either in tunnels or up on elevated lines, announcing his actions with transit announcements.

Some technical details about Emery:

  • Color(s): Grey
  • Type: Rapid transit
  • UK Voice(s): Jordan Clarke
  • US Voice(s): Troy Doherty (Series 1-2), Hugh Reynolds (Series 3), Jacke Tanner (Series 4-5), Austini Connelly (Season 6)

He is a malicious sort of character, taking joy in tricking others into thinking that they have a problem. Typically, he has an additional carriage or truck with him, but sometimes he will disconnect them in order to go faster.


Chatsworth has pretty much the same tasks as Harrison but is older.

Some technical details about Chatsworth:

  • Color(s): White, Grey, Red
  • Type: Diesel
  • UK Voice(s): Andy Nyman
  • US Voice(s): John Chancer

He’s well-spoken and melodramatic, having meltdowns if he gets dirty or overreacting to minor problems. This leads to him often feeling stressed and lonely. He is good to the point he would rather fail than cheat and cannot stand to be a let-down in any sense of the word.


Mtambo gives tours to visitors at the safari park.

Some technical details about Mtambo:

  • Color(s): Yellow, Camouflage, Brown
  • Type: Diesel
  • UK Voice(s): David Gyasi
  • US Voice(s): David Gyasi

He loves to tell stories about his travels, teach about the animals at the safari, and sometimes even transports them around when needed. He also has special cars he can hook up to himself for this reason.


Frostini is an ice cream train who is normally seen handing out ice creams to children or at the factory working on a new kind.

Some technical details about Frostini:

  • Color(s): Yellow, Brown
  • Type: Diesel
  • UK Voice(s): Angelo Cola
  • US Voice(s): Angelo Cola

He tends to be rather emotional and stressed out due to his work, but not always in a bad way. He’s got great customer service skills and is usually pretty calm and outgoing. However, his perfectionism does get the best of him sometimes.

Action Chugger

Action Chugger is literally a superhero with the ability to unfold parts of himself into wings and fly with jet-propulsion. He’s also a movie actor.

Some technical details about Action Chugger:

  • Color(s): Yellow, Orange
  • Type: Jet-powered
  • UK Voice(s): Pax Baldwin
  • US Voice(s): John Pohlhammer (Series 1-4), Dave Berry (Series 6)

He’s got a flashing red light for a nose that informs him whenever there is trouble and he is needed. Despite his ability to fly, he still will always land on a railway track when he’s done. Even though he could easily fall into the trap of being unkind, he makes it a point to stick to his promises, being kind, polite, helpful, and keeping the public safe.

Speedy McAllister

Speedy McAllister is a gruff and blunt steam locomotive with the deepest whistle of the whole group of them in Chuggington.

Some technical details about Speedy McAllister:

  • Color(s): Reddish-violet
  • Type: Steam
  • UK Voice(s): Warren Clarke
  • US Voice(s): Stefan Ashton Frank

He’s not fond of customer-focused jobs and instead prefers things more industrial, working at Rocky Ridge Quarry and Rocky Ridge Mine.


Skylar is a newly graduated crane locomotive with a two-fingered grab. He also took over training for Dunbar when he temporarily retired, then likely took over for training Toot, Hoot, and Piper.

Some technical details about Skylar:

  • Color(s): Yellow
  • Type: Crane
  • UK Voice(s): Michael Quartney
  • US Voice(s): Brendan Dooling (Series 3), Tony Denman (Series 4), Jason Durran (Series 5)

He can use his crane coupled with his side prop legs in order to flip himself around on the track or even to an adjacent one.


Decka is a big, double-decker tram that was built for heavy loads and a large number of passengers.

Some technical details about Decka:

  • Color(s): Orange, Yellow, Green
  • Type: Double-decker tram
  • UK Voice(s): Ninia Benjamin
  • US Voice(s): Ninia Benjamin

She is a silly individual who loves to incorporate her name into phrases. She also loves to chat and gossip, but she does feel bad when it nearly causes an event at the Safari Park to be ruined.


Jackman is the chief of Chug Patrol with strong leadership skills and a passion for rescue.

Some technical details about Jackman:

  • Color(s): Orange, Yellow, Green
  • Type: Diesel
  • UK Voice(s): Michael Byers
  • US Voice(s): Michael Byers (Series 4-5), Michael G Sterne (Series 6)

He is regarded as the bravest chugger on the tracks. Wilson looks up to him, aspiring to be as brave and helpful as he is. He’s also close friends with Calley due to their mutual love of rescue.


Asher is from Tootington but has moved to Chugginton to join Chug Patrol and help take care of fires in the city.

Some technical details about Asher:

  • Color(s): Orange, Yellow, Green
  • Type: Double-decker tram
  • UK Voice(s): Michael Byers
  • US Voice(s): Michael Byers (Series 4-5), Michael G Sterne (Series 6)

He’s a strong, brave, and reassuring chugger Jackman specifically brought in for some advanced fire fighting training. He also showed up to temporarily run Chug Patrol when the others were out racing.


Zack is the Chuggineers chief in charge of Tyne, Brewster, and Feltch for all of the heavy lifting, loading, building, and repairs throughout Chuggington.

Some technical details about Zack:

  • Color(s): Blue, White, Yellow, Red
  • Type: Diesel-electric
  • UK Voice(s): Paul Dodds
  • US Voice(s): Stuart Milligan (Series 4-5), Mick Wingert (Series 6)

He’s extremely organized, hardworking, and safety conscious. “Solid!” is his catchphrase, which makes a lot of sense considering he’s trying to build a lot of things for trains.


Tyne is one of the Chuggineers on the team with Zack, Brewster, and Felch. She is the team’s demolition expert.

Some technical details about Tyne:

  • Color(s): Orange, Yellow, White
  • Type: Diesel
  • UK Voice(s): Carina Reeves
  • US Voice(s): Jessica McDonald

She is excitable and loves to blow up unneeded buildings and to be loud. She also has a friendly rivalry with Fletch, but in the way where it’s more like pressing one another to be better instead of true rivalry.

Fletch (Fletcher)

Feltch (short for Fletcher) is another member of the Chuggineers, and is in charge of making music in order to make their job more fun.

Some technical details about Fletch:

  • Color(s): Green, Yellow, White, Red
  • Type: Diesel
  • UK Voice(s): Joe Sims
  • US Voice(s): Earl Perkins

He’s strong and fun-loving with a bit of a mischievous side. He loves to play small jokes on the other chuggers and to bounce with his friendly rivalry he shares with Tyne.


Hanzo is Koko’s mentor, and the fastest chugger in Chuggington.

Some technical details about Hanzo:

  • Color(s): White, Blue
  • Type: Bullet
  • UK Voice(s): Dai Tabuchi
  • US Voice(s): Dai Tabuchi

He believes that there is no honor greater than transporting passengers quicky and safely to their destinations. He’s calm, peaceful, punctual, respectful, dedicated, precise, and encouraging to fellow Speed Fleet chuggers.


Cormac is a forklift chugger who works with Old Puffer Pete at the Drop Load and Freight Yard. He also sometimes assists the Chuggineers and Speedy McAllister.

Some technical details about Cormac:

  • Color(s): Teal, Yellow
  • Type: Unknown; likely diesel
  • UK Voice(s): Jez Edwards
  • US Voice(s): Walter Lewis (Series 4-5), Tim Chase (Series 6)

Cormac has tons of jobs around Chuggington. He also loves to drive around, explore, and have adventures. He also can be quite a bit of a jokester, loving to play small practical jokes on those around him. He’s also really supportive and hardworking to the point of stubbornness.


Payce is extremely fast and is good friends with Koko. She’s a tunnel runner from Tootington who runs the High Speed Link.

Some technical details about Payce:

  • Color(s): White, Blue, Yellow, Orange
  • Type: Electric
  • UK Voice(s): Ruth Zielinski
  • US Voice(s): Siu-see Hung

She is kind and supportive, as shown by her encouragement and willingness to form a friendly rivalry with Koko in order to help her. She also is willing to bring Koko around with her and convince her that going fast should be fun.


Daley is a high-speed courier who helped teach Koko how to do mail runs efficiently as well as fast.

Some technical details about Daley:

  • Color(s): White, Red
  • Type: Electric
  • UK Voice(s): Harry Lawtey
  • US Voice(s): Nile Bullock

He is one of the fastest chuggers in Chuggington, but Koko is faster. He also managed to stop a dangerous crack on the tracks during a huge ice storm once, proving he cares deeply about safety in more than just words.

Skipper Stu

Skipper Stu is in charge of all aspects of Chugginton Harbour. His assistants are Harry, Hamish, Russ, and Tai.

Some technical details about Skipper Stu:

  • Color(s): Blue
  • Type: Diesel
  • UK Voice(s): James Goode
  • US Voice(s): James Goode

He primarily controls the dock crane and organizes the loading and unloading of ships. He also helps with sorting the containers.


Hamish is a diesel hauler that works at Chugginton Harbour. He’s the twin brother of Harry and is potentially the strongest chugger (along with his brother) in Chuggington.

Some technical details about Hamish:

  • Color(s): Green, Red, Blue, White
  • Type: Diesel
  • UK Voice(s): Richard Ridings
  • US Voice(s): Richard Ridings

He’s a hard worker just like his brother, and also enjoys having a laugh and poking fun at others. He is one of them who help haul ships into the docks at the harbor.


Harry, like his twin brother Hamish, is one of the strongest chuggers in Chuggington and works at Chuggington harbor with his twin, Skipper Stu, Russ, and Tai.

Some technical details about Harry:

  • Color(s): Orange, Red, Blue, White
  • Type: Diesel
  • UK Voice(s): Stephen Critchlow
  • US Voice(s): Stephen Critchlow

He’s a hard worker and loves to poke fun at other chuggers. It’s all in good fun and he plays off of his twin well.


Russ handles the sorting and lifting at the docks. He works with Skipper Stu, Harry, Hamish, and Tai.

Some technical details about Russ:

  • Color(s): Yellow
  • Type: Rail-mounted reach stacker diesel
  • UK Voice(s): James Naylor
  • US Voice(s): Jos Slovick

He might not be as strong as the twins Harry and Hamish, but he does sometimes help haul ships into the docks with them.


Tai is a little trainee shunter that originally worked at the freight yard of Zheng-Chu but now works at the Chuggington Harbour on the docks with Skipper Stu and Hamish specifically.

Some technical details about Tai:

  • Color(s): Purple
  • Type: Shunter
  • UK Voice(s): Mia Lakha
  • US Voice(s): Angelica Hale

She’s very strong with a can-do attitude, working hard to get whatever job done that’s sent her way. She has enough experience that she sometimes forgets it’s okay to ask for help or direction. Even so, she will learn to adapt to new environments and skills, even if it is hard at times.


Rosa is one of the newly introduced Chuggineers that was recruited by Zack once she arrived in Chuggington.

Some technical details about Rosa:

  • Color(s): Turquoise
  • Type: Diesel
  • UK Voice(s): Tiana Camacho
  • US Voice(s): Tiana Camacho

She has a ton of experience, though mostly in construction. It took her some time to find a job she’d like, but upon sharing her expertise from her old city, Zack invited her to join the Chuggineers.


Chuggington is a cute show aimed at toddlers, teaching them the value of skills like honesty, persistence under pressure, and listening. It primarily follows Wilson, Koko, and Brewster throughout their training in Chugginton and is full of a colorful cast of characters. Most of which are primarily trains. However, there are a ton of different characters around the show’s run, so it’s useful to have a guide for which train is which.


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