CSX is a Class 1 railroad operating in the eastern portion of the United States. Headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, and founded in 1980 after the Chessie System and Seaboard Coast Line and Seaboard System merged to create the railroad we know today as CSX. CSX operates several different divisions of their rail line. They split them into Northern and Southern divisions.

Paint Schemes


The railroad has used various paint schemes throughout the years. Including the CSX Yn1, which included locomotives having a yellow nose and the rest of the unit gray. This scheme is shown below.

Photo Credit: David T. Moore.


The next scheme introduced was YN2, this included a yellow nose which continued onto the side, then, then the entire cab was blue and the
long hood was gray. The rear of the locomotive was yellow as well, with blue CSX letters.

Photo credit: Rob Kitchen.


Photo credit Paul Amos

YN3 consisted of the entire locomotive being painted blue, and the nose and the rear of the locomotive being painted yellow.


YN3b is similiar to YN3, the only main difference is the CSX logo has the outline of a boxcar on it, with the CSX letters

Photo Credit: Michael Rujak


Spirit of Schemes

These special schemes highlight the cities and states of where the railroad serves.

Photo Credit Brian Gessel