Can You Shower on Amtrak?

Can You Shower on Amtrak?

We all want to be clean and fresh. Many people do not realize that you must pay extra when riding Amtrak if you wish to have that privilege. 

You can shower on Amtrak if you pay for a room with a shower or access to a shower. You will be offered the amenities, such as clean towels and soap. They may also provide you with shampoo, but there is not always a guarantee. 

You can bring your gear if you want to feel at home in the Amtrak shower. Take a dip into this article and find out more about showering on Amtrak.  

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Can You Shower on Amtrak?

Showering on Amtrak requires you to know how to use the shower safely and courteously. There are different areas on Amtrak, and whether you can take a shower depends on how much money you are willing to spend to make your trip as comfortable as possible. 

You can shower on Amtrak if you purchase the following:

  • Accessible bedroom
  • Bedroom
  • Bedroom Suite
  • Family bedroom
  • Roomette

You will have access to comforts that are strictly for those who purchase one of these rooms. If you are buying one of these rooms, you will be able to have access to the following:

  • Bedding
  • Linens
  • Pillows
  • Towels 

You could also get a sleeping car attendant, lounge access, and complimentary meals. Amtrak will ensure that you have everything you need to enjoy your ride.  

What do You Actually Get?

When you choose your room type, make sure you read the amenities list carefully. Sometimes the wording can mislead the reader in that it must say that you have a shower in your room, not a shower in your car. Take a look at the information below.


In the roomette, you will have two comfortable seats that turn into bunks at night. You will have access to a private bathroom and shower in your car. 

You will have the appropriate bedding and priority boarding. Roomettes are conducive to folks looking for both savings and privacy. This room will fit one or two suitcases. 


If you opt for a bedroom, you will get twice the room with a roomette. You will get a lovely sofa and armchair by day, which turns into beds by night. You will get a sink, a restroom, and a shower in your room. One to two suitcases fit in this room. 

Bedroom Suite

The bedroom suite will give you twice as much room as the bedroom. It still has the sofa and armchair that turn into a bed. However, it upgrades you by providing you with two sinks in your room, bathrooms, and showers. In this room, you can have up to three or four suitcases. 

Family Bedroom

In the family bedroom, there are four seats by day, and they turn into beds at night. You will have access to a bathroom and shower in your car, but not in your room. This room holds two adults, two children, and two to three suitcases.

Accessible Bedrooms

These accessible bedrooms are for those who have a disability. They contain a sofa for two by day, which become beds at night. You will have easy access to a sink bathroom, and there is plenty of space for a wheelchair. This room can hold about one or two suitcases. 

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What is the Difference Between a Superliner and a Viewliner?

The Amtrak Sleeping Car fleet is comprised of two types of cars. These include the Superliner and the Viewliner. 

The distinction between the two is that the Superliner has two levels of private accommodations in each car, while Viewliner accommodations are on a single story. These factors can affect where you take your shower in Amtrak. 

Amtrak Viewliner

Viewliner trains operate primarily on the Eastern Seaboard. These trains fit into many tunnels because of their lower height. Some Viewliner trains on the east coast go westbound as far as Chicago and south to Louisiana. The sleeping cars are usually sold out well in advance. 

The Viewliner is a one-level train that offers three types of sleeping accommodations. These include:

  • Roomette
  • Bedroom
  • Accessible bedroom

At one end of every sleeping car on the Amtrak, Viewliner train is a public shower room. However, it can only have one person in it at a time. The car attendant will ensure that your shower has soap for each person and fresh towels. 

Amtrak may offer amenities kits with shampoo and other items. They also have a laundry basket to put your used towel and washcloth.   

Amtrak Superliner

The Superliner option is a two-level train. You can get a ride mostly everywhere in the United States, west of the Mississippi. The height of this train renders it too tall to fit in the east coast tunnels. 

Roomettes on the Superliner do not have a sink or toilet. On the lower level of the Superliner, you will have four roomette rooms and a family bedroom at one end of the car with an accessible bedroom on the other side. 

On this level, there are three private bathrooms. Each one has a sink and toilet and an individual shower room. On the upper level of the train, you will have roomettes and bedrooms. 

There are four Superliner bedroom sleepers that each have their bathroom. There are ten roomettes, but only one public restroom. 

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How Do I Use an Amtrak Shower?

The shower can be an experience if you have never been in an Amtrak shower before. It varies contingent on what kind of car you are in what the shower will do. 

Some showers have systems where you can turn them on and shower, while newer systems have two knobs, as one of them controls the temperature, and the other will time how long you should be in the shower.

When you turn the temperature dial to the right, the water flow comes out, and you press the button. The timer button is set on the top. You will only need to modify the temperature if the timer button is stuck. 

Since Amtrak is kind enough to supply the soap, all you need to worry about is the shower part. You can adjust the timer if you want to stay in the shower longer. Turn the water temperature to the left when you have completed the shower. 

Clean towels should also be made available to you before your shower. You might need to ask for shampoo if you did not bring your own. However, they will sometimes supply you with that without you even asking. 

What Should I Pack for My Amtrak Trip? 

You will need to pack as lightly as possible to keep in line with the rules of Amtrak. The way you pack for your trip can make or break your Amtrak traveling experience. The following are some suggestions for what to bring on your journey. 

Shower/Bedtime Items

You should pack a few necessary items for your bedtime and showering comfort. IF you have a roomette, you will have access to the shower. You would feel more at home if you pack a small make-up bag filled with goodies, such as the following: 

  • Small travel shampoo/ conditioner 
  • Your favorite soap
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste

You may also want to bring a good pair of flip flops, along with a big zip lock bag to keep them in. Another great item to carry along is Lysol wipes to wipe the public bathroom’s countertop, faucet, and door handle. In the age of COVID, better to be safe than sorry. 

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Snacks and Water

You should bring healthy snacks with you like the following: 

  • Carrots and dip  
  • Apple slices and peanut butter 
  • Dried fruit and nuts
  • Container of yogurt

Meals on the train can give you a massive carb hangover, and it is nice to be prepared with something healthy on hand to eat. You do not want to be on a trip like that without a few healthy options. 

You should also bring a couple of bottles of water to keep hydrated. Even though they give you complimentary water bottles, it is great to keep a couple of bottles with you.  

Comfortable Train Pants

Try to pack at least one or two pairs of comfortable pants, such as sweat pants or yoga pants. You may also want to have nicer pants for dining in the café or observation car. You would like to be as comfortable as possible during your train ride. 


It can get rather cold, especially if you are traveling to someplace a bit colder. You may also want to take a nap on your sofa or armchair. A nice blanket will also keep you cozy for your long train ride.

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Motion Sickness Medicine 

Motion sickness medicine could be the most important thing you can bring. Trains will sway, and it can be a bumpy ride on the tracks. You should keep motion sickness medicine ready if you feel like you may get sick. 


There are a few items you may want to pack for your trip. One of them is a portable phone charger. Amtrak typically has places where you can plug in your charger. However, it may be in an uncomfortable area. 

You may also want to bring a set of earbuds with you so you can listen to your favorite music while you enjoy your ride. Just be mindful that you do not end up singing the lyrics aloud! 

Make Sure to Have Money for Tips

When traveling on Amtrak, make sure that you have enough $ 5’s and $ 1’s for tipping in the dining car. If someone prepares a meal for you, you should tip them. It is customary and polite. You will have to determine how much you tip for each meal. Use your best judgment. 

Sweater or Light Fleece

If you typically get cold when the air conditioning is blasting, you may want to bring a sweater or a light fleece with you to keep you comfortable and warm. Bring a light sweater because the temperature on the train will also fluctuate. 

Pack Appropriate Socks and Shoes

You should bring a pair of sports socks to wear in your room. You do not want to walk around barefoot on the train, no matter how clean it is. You will also need to wear shoes when walking through the cars.  

Bring Your Own Booze

You can have a drink in your room if the mood strikes. You can bring a couple of little bottles to mix with juice. Ask for ice to make your drink enjoyable. However, you cannot bring your alcohol into the dining car. Alcohol is available for you to order when eating your meals. 

Other Tips 

Sometimes people like to bring hand and body towels, especially if you want to wash your hands frequently or do not feel comfortable with the towels they give you for your shower.  

Amtrak is somewhat like a hotel in that it will provide the necessities for showering. However, Amtrak does not provide hair dryers. 

If you need to blow your hair dry after your shower, you need to pack a hairdryer. If you are not satisfied with Amtrak’s essential items, you should make it a point to bring your own stuff. 

If you enjoyed showering on Amtrak, there are ways to recapture your experience. There are Amtrak shower curtains available for purchase. Some of them are a bit on the pricey side, but the art featured on the shower curtain is impeccable. 

The following are some examples of Amtrak shower curtains you can buy online: 

Marvin SpatesTampa DepartureFine Art America
Tim WilsonAmtrak Over the JamesFine Art America
John NeidertVintage Florida AmtrakFine Art America
Cliff MiddlebrookA Train Ride in The SnowFine Art America
Steven StookeyDenver Union StationFine Art America
Penny PolakoffSusquehanna Railroad BridgeFine Art America

As you can see, Fine Art America had fun depicting destinations and trips on the Amtrak train. These shower curtains are for those who want to remember their trip with a bit of help from some good art. 


If you are willing to pay the money to access a shower on Amtrak, you will not be sorry. You want to be clean and fresh for the trip. 

Just make sure to use proper etiquette when you shower. You want to be courteous and respectful of the other passengers, and keep in mind that there is a timer on your shower. 


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