How Do Railroads Keep Track of Cars?

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link to BR Class 60

BR Class 60

The BR Class 60 is a 3,100 bhp type five locomotive manufactured by Brush Traction as a heavy freight locomotive. The Class 60 was designed for heavy freight operations in British Rail's trainload...

link to BR Class 59

BR Class 59

The BR Class 59 (EMD JT26CW-SS) is a 3,300 bhp locomotive built by Electro-Motive Division (EMD), for Foster Yeoman, . The locomotives have a 95% availability rating and paved the way for the highly...

link to BR Class 67

BR Class 67

The BR Class 67 is a 3,200 bhp diesel electric locomotive built for the English, Welsh, and Scottish Railway (EWS) for use on passenger and mail trains. The locomotive was manufactured by Alstom in...

link to BR Class 68

BR Class 68

The British Rail Class 68 locomotive is a 3,800 bhp locomotive built by Vossloh and Stadler Rail between 2013-2017. The locomotive is designed as a multi use unit, seeing use on both freight and...